English to Punjabi English to Punjabi English to Punjabi
Important Note:Google has made its services paid for using their APIs. Thus, We are not able to use their APIs. For using this system, you need to follow two step process explained as follows:
STEP 1: Open website http://translate.google.com
               Select the Language Pair English(Source Language) -> Hindi (Target Language)
               Copy your English text to textarea into the Google Source Text input box and Click Space Bar if required. Either you may directly type into the space provided there.
               Hindi translation for your English text will appear on the another text box shown adjacent to this inout box.
STEP 2: Copy this Hindi translation done by google translator (Step 1) into the box shown below on this page. Click on the translate button to get corresponding Punjabi Translation.
Click Browse Button and then Read File Button to Open file containing Hindi Text:      
Click here for downloading software for transliterating above gurmukhi output into Roman (gTrans).
Cick here to edit the Gurmukhi Output
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