Hindi to Punjabi MTS
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Advanced Center Punjabi, Patiala
Hindi and Punjabi are closely related languages. This web based software provides the facility of translating the Hindi text into Punjabi text on the click of the button.
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Text Input Options:
1. User can type the text through the keyboard using the Krutidev font style typing and the typed text will be in Unicode.
2. User can read the text into the input box by reading the file through the browse button provided above the text box and then click Read. The file content will be read and will be inserted into the text box.
3. User can use the Devanagari Keyboard for typing available on the right side.
4. User can copy and paste the matter for translation into the text box form his/her system.
1. The input text can be translated means interpreting the meaning of the text and converting into the Punjabi.
2. The input can be transliterated means without interpreting the meaning the text, converting the text into Punjabi.
3. The input text can be emailed without translation into Punjabi.
4. The input text can be emailed after translating into Punjabi.
5. Translation of the website: In this feature, user can type the website address of any hindi website and on clicking Translate button, retaining ther format of the entered website, it will display the website in Punjabi Language. The links in the output translated webpages can be clicked and again the translated webpages will be displayed.